John S. Horvath Consulting Engineer
Civil / Foundation / Geotechnical Engineering
Welcome to the website of John S. Horvath, Ph.D., P.E., Life Member.ASCE, a licensed professional civil engineer with current
registration in the states of New Jersey and New York and specializing in the practice of foundation and geotechnical engineering.
Dr. Horvath provides professional services in the areas of:

  • forensic and failure investigations of under-construction and post-construction incidents involving client facilities

  • consultation and assistance with investigations involving state and Federal government agencies (public
    service/utility commissions, NTSB, etc.) of client facilities

  • expert consultation and testimony in state and Federal courts, including patent-infringement cases

  • design consultation, including value engineering (VE) and risk management

  • construction consultation, including alternatives assessment, problem solving, and claims support

  • technology transfer (T2) initiatives including continuing-education instruction.

Dr. Horvath's professional services are provided under the auspices of his sole-proprietorship (d/b/a), John S. Horvath
Consulting Engineer
, as well as through strategic business relationships with other consulting-engineering firms as best suits a
client's needs. You can use the navigation bar above to access sections of this website to learn more about Dr. Horvath's
experience and services. Prospective clients can obtain a copy of Dr. Horvath's curriculum vitae by sending an email using the
information provided on the
Contact Information page.


Curious about what exactly 'geotechnical engineers' do and want to learn more? You can view this short YouTube video produced
under the auspices of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE), the global organization
of geotechnical-engineering professionals of which Dr. Horvath is a member, as well as visit this ISSMGE-sponsored


The photograph shown at the top of this page (provided courtesy of BASF) was taken in the 1980s on one of the first EPS-block
geofoam projects in the U.S.A. It involved slope stabilization along a section of U.S. Route 160 in the vicinity of Durango,
Colorado. This striking photograph, which succinctly depicts so many positive attributes of expanded polystyrene (EPS) as a
geofoam material...ultra-low density and concomitant ease of construction...all-weather durability and ease of use...environmental
harmony with Nature..., graced the cover of Dr. Horvath's landmark 1995 monograph,
"Geofoam Geosynthetic", and remains his
all-time favorite EPS-block geofoam photograph.

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